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He Turned to His Right and the World Stopped
Not sure if anyone in the Potter fandom is even on LJ anymore, but here's one I recently completed:

Title: He Turned to His Right and the World Stopped

Summary: In the middle of the Final Battle against Voldemort, Harry Potter is distracted by a beautiful woman with brilliant red hair. An adult-onset Soul Bond story.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns all canon characters and the Potterverse.

Other Information: Most of the Harry/Ginny Soul Bond stories happen when they're kids. I thought it'd be fun to do one where they first meet and bond as adults.
Brief Background: Harry was brought up by Sirius. He did not attend Hogwarts, but was trained by Sirius, Remus (and eventually Tonks), Kingsley, Mad-Eye, and Dumbledore. He had occasional interactions with various other members of the Order of the Phoenix.


Harry Potter surveyed the chaos of battle that surrounded him. His eye caught on the self-styled Dark Lord, who was standing on an outcropping of rock like a general surveying his troops.
"This is it," Harry mused. "This is the moment. This is why Sirius and Remus spent their lives training me. This is why Moody died. The horcruxes are gone, it's just Tom Riddle now."
Harry strode toward his foe, casually tossing curses at the Death Eaters and blocking theirs with practised ease.
As Harry approached Voldemort, something made him stop. He turned to his right and the world stopped. There, in crystal clarity, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her brilliant red hair swung and snapped like a raging flame as she fought against the Death Eaters. The world around her faded to a dull grey as his existence changed forever. She was now the centre of the universe.
As though sensing his gaze, the woman turned toward him, her battle abandoned. Without conscious thought, the pair began moving toward each other. Slowly at first, then running, subconsciously dodging the spellfire that filled the battlefield. When they embraced, a wave of golden light spilled forth from them and swept across the battlefield. A shimmering dome of light arose and covered the couple. Within the dome, the couple embraced, unaware of the events happening outside.
Since that fateful day in 1981, Harry's forehead had borne an unusual scar, which was shaped like a lightning bolt. Now, the scar split and a green mist emerged from the newly-opened wound. For a few moments, the scar oozed blood, but then the wound healed itself, leaving only the faintest of scars to mark its location.
Outside the dome of golden light, the combatants stopped and stared at the dome and its occupants.
The calm was broken when Voldemort screamed in rage and strode angrily toward the dome. Spell after spell he cast at the dome, but it would not break: Curses, charms, transfigurations all splashed harmlessly against the golden dome. Killing curses impacted without effect. Cutting and blasting curses, construction-grade demolition curses, spells both dark and light all hit the dome without result.
As the Dark Lord was gathering his strength for another assault, the dome collapsed. There stood Harry Potter, his right hand entwined with the red-haired woman's left. Their wands were held tightly in their free hands. They pointed their wands at the Dark Lord and cast wordlessly. Twin beams of warm white light emerged from their wands and were met with the sickly-green beam of a Killing Curse.
The Dark Lord screamed as the white light began to overpower his Killing Curse. As the white light pushed against the green, Lord Voldemort began to shake. His wand began to buck in his hand and glow a dull red. As the beam of white light slowly, inexorably gained ground against his Killing Curse, Voldemort's wand glowed hotter and hotter. Still, he did not relent. The wand began cracking and the beam of white was now less than a metre from the tip of his wand, yet he did not relent.
Suddenly, the beam of white surged forward and impacted Voldemort’s Yew wand. The green light of the Killing Curse crackled like lightning over Voldemort's body and the Dark Lord fell down, finally dead.
The assembled Death Eaters suddenly screamed, clutching their Dark Marks. Some tried to apparate away, splinching themselves because of the pain. The others were quickly disarmed, stunned, and bound.
Harry Potter and the redheaded woman looked at each other and smiled before lapsing into unconsciousness.
Harry woke to find himself in a bed in Hogwarts' Hospital Wing, a place he had visited a few times. He had barely stirred when he heard a voice.
"Easy there, Harry," said Sirius. "Let me get your glasses."
After the glasses were placed on his face, Harry looked around. There were several people standing at the foot of his bed: Remus and Tonks were there, along with Dumbledore and Madam Pomphrey, who had tended his wounds many times during his training and later battles against the Death Eaters. However, there was one person he didn't recognize, a woman with hair that was a very familiar shade of red. His gaze rested on her and he blinked, trying to place where he might have seen her.
"Harry," Dumbledore said with a smile, "You may remember Molly Weasley. You have met her a time or two during your training."
Suddenly, it clicked. Harry remembered the kind woman who had given him a tin of fudge on more than one birthday.
"Hello, Mrs. Weasley," Harry said, trying to sit up.
Suddenly, Sirius grabbed him.
"Harry," he said, "you shouldn't try to sit up right now."
"Why not? What's wrong?" asked Harry.
Sirius looked him in the eye, then glanced to Harry's right. When he turned, he saw the woman he had seen yesterday. Her brilliant red hair surrounded her beautiful face. With a gasp, the woman woke and Harry found himself staring into the most exquisite pair of chocolate-brown eyes he had ever seen.
"Hi," the woman said to him.
Harry could only gaze, open-mouthed at the beauty of her face until the sound of snapping fingers next to his ear roused him from his reverie. Both Harry and the woman turned to look at Sirius, who had been the one to snap.
"Welcome back," said Sirius. "If you hadn't responded, Madam Pomphrey was about to break out the smelling salts. I wanted to hit you with an Aguamenti charm, but she vetoed that."
Simultaneously realizing that they were sharing a hospital bed, both Harry and the woman blushed fiercely.
"I suppose introductions are in order, then," said Sirius. "Harry, meet Mrs. Weasley's daughter Ginny. Ginny, meet Harry Potter."
Still embarrassed at sharing a hospital bed, the two tried to move apart, but found their hands were clasped together and would not separate.
"After you defeated Voldemort," Dumbledore said, "the two of you collapsed and we brought you here."
"Wait," interrupted Harry, "I don't remember any of that."
"I'm not surprised," said Dumbledore. “The two of you were too enthralled with each other to notice anything else. Nevertheless, you did defeat him, by your combined efforts. Your hands were clasped the whole time, even after you lost consciousness.
"When we attempted to separate you to transport you both here, you both began convulsing. When we returned your hands to each other, the convulsions stopped. It was then that we decided to place a sticking charm on your hands to prevent a reoccurrence."
"Have you figured out what's wrong with us?" asked Ginny.
The small crowd at the foot of the bed all turned and looked at Dumbledore.
"It seems," Dumbledore said, "that I am elected to give the explanation. The two of you have formed a type of soul bond."
"That can't be right," Ginny interjected. "Soul bonds happen spontaneously only after years of marriage. Either that, or they can be created through special rites. They don't just spontaneously happen to random people."
"Ah," said Dumbledore, "they do, but not frequently. Indeed, the last recorded spontaneously-formed soul bonding of an unwed couple occurred more than four hundred years ago. Moreover, due to the association of soul bondings with matrimony, it seems that the two of you are now legally, as well as magically, married."
Harry and Ginny looked at each other, then at the venerable Headmaster.
"Married?" they simultaneously exclaimed.

End Note: That's all. I have no plans to write more on this. I'm just trying to satisfy the muse. The idea of an adult-onset Harry/Ginny soul bond story has intrigued me for some time and there are precious few of them out there.
Thanks for reading!

Story currently crossposted on SIYE. I'll eventually put it on my FFN and AO3 accounts as well.

An Unusually Large Cage
Title: An Unusually Large Cage

Summary: Newly minted Auror Harry Potter learns why Mr. Filch always seemed so creepy.

JK Rowling owns all canon characters and the Potterverse. All other characters (except one) were invented by me and bear no intentional resemblance to any real person. I am neither a physician nor a member of law enforcement.


"Doctor! She's waking." Helen heard the voice say as she slowly swam into consciousness. "Come on, Helen. You can do it. Stay with us."

Helen groaned and tried to open her eyes. The light was too bright. She squinted and winced. Someone placed a pair of dark glasses over her eyes and she relaxed.

"I'm awake," she managed to croak. "What happened? Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'm Dr. Clough. You're at Massachusetts General Hospital," replied a woman with a kind face.

"Massachusetts? I'm in America? How did I get here?"

"We were hoping you could tell us. You showed up here a week ago, completely incoherent. We were rather surprised to find your fingerprints on a missing person's database from England. Do you remember who you are?"

"Helen Norris, my husband's name is Matthew. We live in London."
Read more...Collapse )
Bonus points if you know where Agent Ishido Maad came from without googling it. No, this is not a crossover with that universe, I just borrowed the name. If you want, you can consider him the Potterverse analogue of Agent Maad.

I do also have a story in the queue where Mr. Filch is a hero.

A/N: This story is based on a prompt by onoM. It can be found on onoM's profile on fanfiction.net as the story "Plot Bunny." Italicized portions are onoM's original text. All other is mine, except that JK Rowling owns the characters and universe.

I posted this over on ffn a long time ago, I thought I'd post it here too.


Neville Longbottom waved his wand. A few spells later, he was protected from all forms of eavesdropping, magical or Muggle. He sighed and looked over at the one he had come to meet.

"I can't remember the day I lost my innocence.

"Innocence, what a strange word, but to me it was important: it was a secret, quiet joy that filled my waking minutes and waited impatiently beside me while I
slept, blissfully unaware of the cruel vicissitudes of fate. I was so full of life...

"Now, I only know that whatever happened to me, I'd rather die than allow it to happen to another child. It is this drive alone, this fierce determination to
protect the world from what I have become, that allows me to face the dread of waking up again.

"And so, Fate, a toast to you. To the loss of innocence.

"It shall not go unpunished."

Neville Longbottom lifted the privacy spell and walked away from the coffin containing the corpse of Bellatrix Lestrange. He had briefly considered cursing her corpse, but that wouldn't do. All must appear normal.


Many years later...

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As soon as I read the prompt, I immediately thought of Neville. How his life would have been different with his parents. Then I got this wild idea of a Machiavellian Neville secretly plotting to destroy evil through less-than-ethical means.

The Uncaring Sun

Though not the first of the HP stories I have written, this is the first I have posted here on LJ instead of just linking to the story posted on FFN. I hope I did it right.

In the far distant future, the sun has become a red giant. In this surreal landscape, illuminated by the bloated sun, "lives" the immortal shade of Tom Riddle. Witness his descent into madness on an abandoned and dying planet.

A/N: This story is based on the idea of not all of Riddle's horcruxes being found, but Harry still being victorious. (See Mage Harry by kb0 for one example.) Of course, if the horcurxes still existed, Voldemort could still return someday. However, I found myself wondering what might happen if he were unable to do so for some reason.

This story is based on what I was able to research about what scientists say about the far-future fate of the planet Earth. I am not a scientist, and any scientific errors on my part are the result of that fact.

This story is told from Voldemort's perspective.

Harry Potter and all related characters, et cetera belong to JK Rowling.

uncaring sun
Trapped in a hell of his own making, the shade of Tom Riddle wandered the ruin of the planet Earth. Eerie red light bathed the barren landscape. Uncounted ages had passed since the Potter brat had eventually died of extreme old age, leaving behind a multitude of descendants. That progeny had thrived and prospered through the intervening millennia. Eventually, humanity had taken to the stars, Potter's cursed offspring among them. Finally, the heirs of humanity had been forced to abandon the Earth when the sun began its inexorable expansion into a red giant.

Read more...Collapse )

I did find some conflicting opinions regarding whether or not the sun would engulf the Earth, due to a number of factors. As I said, I'm not a scientist.

The cover image was created using an image licensed using a Creative Commons license. Therefore, the cover image is also covered under such a license. The original may be found on Wikipedia in the article about The Sun. The file name is Sun(underscore)Red(underscore)Giant(dot)jpg

The Impossible Astronaut Day

Attention all Whovians:

Today is the anniversary of the airing of "The Impossible Astronaut." Put Tally Marks on your arms, etc. Silence will fall.

Too many ideas, not enough time.

Haven't been able to work on Cave of Second Chances or Mission from God. Stupid muse keeps throwing me other ideas, though. Too many ideas, not enough time.


Harry Potter and the Cave of Second Chances - Chapter 3

I did some restructuring on the first two chapters, adding bits here and there and fixing errors.
Yeah, I also just posted chapter 3. That could be important.

Lucius is a lot more savvy than he is in canon. Draco has more self-control. This makes them a good bit more dangerous as antagonists.

Chapter 3 is also longer than 1 and 2 combined.

What the crap?

Exploring the lj app. I accidentally hit the post button. I don't see a cancel button.


More Spacetime Sirius
My muse won't let me write on my in progress stories so I'm working on something else. Oh, well.

It's an additional Spacetime Sirius story.

Avoiding sleep, eating popcorn, and writing
That about sums it up. Attempting to work on "Cave of Second Chances." https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9916565/1/Cave-of-Second-Chances